You need to brush your teeth after the meal?

One dinner time...My son looks full.

( ゚Д゚):
You know what?
No snack if you leave the meal.

(*‘ω‘ *):
Yes, mom!
He always gives mom good reply...just reply.

(*‘ω‘ *):
I'm full, thank you for the meal.

Well done, my son!

(*‘ω‘ *):
Mommy, Can I eat snacks now?

( `ー´)ノ:
Of course not!

Hey my son, I will give you some advice.
"It's too soon to ask for snacks."
Grow up, kid!

After the dinner, he is not trying to go brush his teeth.

( ゚Д゚):
Did you forget something after the meal? 

(*‘ω‘ *):

He pretend to be unable to hear.

( `ー´)ノ:
You know what to do,right?

(*‘ω‘ *):
Brush my teeth!

( `ー´)ノ:
Then, go brush your teeth right away!

(*‘ω‘ *)
Why only me?
What about daddy?

Sneak attack from my son...

The smile without laughing directed toward me.

"Eyes say things enough to mouth"

It goes without saying that I immediately go brush my own teeth.. 

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