The reason why my wife rush me for a walk with my dog.

One morning,

(*^-^*) : 
Honey? why don't you go for a dog-walking soon?

(*'ω'*) : 
It's really nice weather today, so you had better go get some sunlight.

(-。-)y : 
That's impossible! UV light is so bad for my skin!!

(;・∀・) :


There is a mountain of garbage entrance...

I finally understand the reason why she rush me for.

In japan there is a shared place to put the garbage away,we are not allowed to throw away anytime.
In addition to that, there is complicated rule in the region i.e. Mon: burnable, Tue:Non-burnable...
The garbage truck comes to pick them up early morning so we need to put them away before they are coming.

Link to Japanese article:

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