Conversation with your body through Yoga

There are many kinds of exercises for free in my gym .

The most popular one is "Yoga".

Breathing gives me a great benefit to check my body I usually don't care much in every muscle.

Yoga is also effective for relaxing, emptiness your head and not to mention increasing your flexibility.

I positively join that Yoga activity as much as possible to make myself more health.

Almost all participants are women and a few are men.

At first I feel embarrassed but gradually I was going not to care what other people think.

Today I have joined that Yoga class with my full of earthly desires.

First things first. It is breathing...

Close my eyes, breath in deeply through my nose and let my breath out.

You are able to experience the circulation of the air inside your body with a conscious awareness of breathing.

Next do some stretches from my feet to the neck inquiring of my own body to check today's condition.

"How is it going my buddy?"

"Pretty well my boss! But I feel the stomach is bloated a little."

At this point, I should ask my instructor to give me a break...

But I decided to go on the Yoga due to my uncertain condition.

"Children pose" in Yoga let me know my bad condition of my stomach.

Stomach pressure causes me to fart instinctively.

"Hey boss, let it out!"

"Not here and now. Be patient!"

I try to get past for persuading my body not to let it out.

It is so important in silent studio whether the fart sounds or not.

Unfortunately my coming fart might be the former one.

It is bad to smell farts with sound of silence.

But it would be worse to sound in the silent studio even it doesn't smell.

I might not to be allowed myself in the program anymore.

Even so, I talk to myself that I am still bearable.

Show must go on...

Next pose is "Downward-Facing Dog".


"Hey boss, I can't stand anymore"

"That is not the case,right buddy?"

That is the very moment that I derive perverse pleasure form putting up a fart.

With this pose, I suppose that I could put out a big fart..

In the final stage of Yoga, we change my posture to "Revolved side angle pose"


"Oh boy...!!!"

Though I can hear the voice of screaming from my entrails, I can control the border of the fart not to overexert myself in Yoga

In spite of those screaming I quirk myself more and more.

"Hey, no sweat!"
「ふっ この程度。ちょろいもんだぜ」

Just at that time, the instructor who usually doesn't check our posture comes toward us and start adjusting...

She is getting closer to me...

"Hey boss, we would be out of control with the force from the outside"

"Wait...we must bear this crisis somehow..."

The instructor came by my side and twist my little Mary.

I will let it out if you twist one more time, teacher...

"Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"( ゚Д゚)

"No more...ready for fart?"

"I will not to~"

I could bead somehow with cold sweat contrasting healthful one.

Yep, I talked to my inside through the Yoga ultimately.

As soon as the class finishes, I will get into the bathroom wrapped in a sense of freedom in the ending of "The Shawshank Redemption".

"Let it out now"

"Yes sir!"

The sound of happiness is resounding...

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